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Prostate Cancer Alternative Therapies

Prostate cancer is one of the common types of cancer that affects male individuals. This disease affects prostate gland, the source of seminal fluid. This gland is located in front of the rectum and under the urinary bladder. Since prostate gland is close to urinary bladder and urethra, some of its most common symptoms are painful and frequent urination, traces of blood in urine and sperm, erectile dysfunction and painful ejaculation.  


Medical experts are of opinion that an individual’s age, genes, lifestyle, diet, hormonal changes and medical history are some of the nonspecific reasons for the development of prostate cancer. There are several cancer treament options available for this alarming disease like surgeries, hormonal therapy, cryotherapy, chemotherapyradiation therapy, and others. Furthermore, there are several alternative therapies also that involve usage of herbs, vitamins, dietary supplements, minerals, magnet therapy, and homeopathy.  


Herbal Alternative for Prostate Cancer:  There are several herbs and herbal supplements that serve remedial purpose for prostate cancer. These herbs include saw palmetto, cernilton, pygeum and stinging nettle. These herbs possess properties of reducing hormonal imbalance that are known to cause enlargement as well as prostate cancer.  


Vitamins and Minerals for Prostate Cancer:  Prostate gland of an individual may get distended or develop cancerous cells due to deficiency of several mineral nutrients like selenium, zinc, Vitamin D and E. Thus, deficient vitamins and minerals need to be taken adequately for good health of prostate. These beneficial vitamins and minerals, being natural oxidants, repair hormonal imbalance thus lowering the risk of prostate cancer.   


Magnetic Therapy:  Alternative medicine experts believe that the north pole of a magnet can hamper the development of tumor. Thus, many alternate medicine practitioners suggest sitting over a magnetic pad to alleviate prostate cancer.  


Homeopathy:  Homeopathy finds credibility in curing many diseases in a natural way. In case of prostate cancer also homeopathy works as a wonderful curative therapy. It effectively checks the symptoms and controls the spread of this disease.  


Chiropractic Therapy:  The fundamental of chiropractic care is first locating and then correcting the spinal misalignments (also known as Subluxations) that hamper proper functioning of body’s nervous system. This alternate therapy does not cures prostate cancer directly. Rather, it rectifies the associated spinal subluxations to relieve patient of associated problems.  


Exercise Program:  Doctors advise exercise programs for prostate cancer patients to help them in staying physically and mentally active. Such programs complement the main treatment and help in restoring the vitality of patients. Experts refer regular and moderate exercising after appropriate consultation of doctor. Some of the suggested exercises are – swimming, stationary cycling, brisk walk, and low-impact aerobics. 


Auriculotherapy:  Auriculotherapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment that stimulates auricle of the outer ear and helps in alleviating some side effects of prostate cancer treatments, like nausea, pain and fatigue. 


Naturopathy: Naturopathy involves natural health care with the help of natural and non-toxic therapies that lay stress on self-healing process. The goal of this alternate therapy is to diminish harmful side effects of cancer or its treatments, along with simultaneous restoration of comprehensive health.