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Cernilton as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Treatment

Cernilton is an extract of several types of rye grass pollens that show to be effective for prostate problems, mainly Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It is an anti-inflammatory remedy for stiff muscles surrounding the urethra. Alternative medicine experts believe that Cernilton also aids in lessening maladies of severe non-bacterial prostatitis.   

Cernilton is extracted out of flower pollen. Since more than thirty decades, this herbal extract is shown in different medical studies to be effective in treating symptoms of BPH and prostate cancer with success rate of up to 70 percent. Researches have proven that Cernilton inhibits the growth of cancer cells in prostate thus saving patients from consequent medical problems.  

Intake of Cernilton shows noticeable improvement in patients alleviating them from pertinent prostate symptoms such as – intermittent urination, bowel urgency, delayed or prolonged voiding, partial emptying of bladder, nocturia and dysuria. Medical studies have shown that Cernilton pollen extract works on the epithelial cells of the prostate lining, and stops the proliferation of cancerous cells.  

Benefits of Cernilton 

Cernilton helps the patients of BPH and prostate cancer in many ways, mainly:

  • It supplies several vital nutrients to their body like necessary amino acids, enzymes and unsaturated fatty acids.   
  • It facilitates absorption of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients present in the food.  
  • It allows prostate patients to adapt to stress and also enhances their physical as well as mental capacity.  
  • It imparts comprehensive vitality to mind and body.  
  • It helps in bio-regulation of blood cholesterol, lipid metabolism, and functioning of prostate.  
  • It also treats prostate of its congestion.  
  • It strengthens patient’s immunity system.  

The clinical effectiveness of Cernilton in treating prostate problems has been scientifically proven as well as documented by medical experts. This standardized and allergen-free pollen extract is suitable for the treatment of prostate cancer and its related medical conditions such as increased volume of residual urine volume, and voiding difficulties. However, it is important to use pollen extract gathered from natural resources and processed according to medical standards. In US, extraction is processed by Graminex to transform it into medication. The formula contains several active ingredients like, vitamins, nucleic acids, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, plant hormones, and enzymes that safeguard prostate’s health.

How Cernilton Works? 

Cernilton is available in tablet form, and can be found in almost every drug store. Here are few facts to know about Cernilton:   

  • Intake of Cernilton starts showing encouraging results within 2 to 3 weeks. Though the precise affectivity of this supplement may vary from patient to patient, it imparts relief within the specified time frame.    
  • Althoughmost of the drug stores sell the tablet form of Cernilton without any prescription, it should be taken only after consulting a physician. The fact that Cernilton is a safe herbal remedy, it produces no side effects. After consulting the physician it can also be combined with other medicines.   
  • The consistent intake of herbal supplement gives better results. For better results, Cernilton should be taken on empty stomach in the morning (before breakfast) and after dinner at night.