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Enlarged Prostate Diet – Natural Way to Keep Prostate Healthy  


Enlarged prostate is a commonly occurring problem of male individuals, especially those who are growing older. Prostate gland, on getting enlarged, tends to put pressure on urinary bladder thus leading to symptoms like frequent and urgent urination, incomplete evacuation of bladder, inability to urinate and more. There are several medications available that relieve patients of all these troubles. However, any disregard of these symptoms of enlarged prostate can lead to aggravated problems.   

While there are many types of treatments available for enlarged prostate, in this article we will discuss some diets and dietary habits that diminish the symptoms of enlarged prostate to considerable extent and render positive effect on patient’s health.  

Fresh Fruits and Green Vegetables: Patients of enlarged prostate tend to get relieved by intake of plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Since these are not processed, and do not contain any edible chemical ingredient, they have soothing effect on patient’s health.   Fruits and vegetable must be taken without any amalgamation of processed and refined edible items. Eat fruits in their basic and fresh form to get their optimum benefits. For example, cranberry juice is known to be helpful in relieving the symptoms of the urinary infection. Do not fry or pickle vegetables. Cook them in such way as to retain their useful nutrients.  

Water: Drinking of plenty of water is always welcome. A well hydrated body will be less susceptible to recurrent urinary infection that tends to affect the bladder. Everyday drink at least eight glasses of water so that body’s harmful bacteria get flushed out and aid in rapid recovery of distended prostate gland.  

Foods rich in Beta-sitosterol: Beta-sitosterol is an edible element that helps in treatment of enlarged prostate gland. This element is found in abundance in sugarcane pulp, pygeum, and saw palmetto. 

Flax Seed Oil: Flax seed oil has ample content of vital fatty acids of omega 3 and omega 6. This oil can be consumed along with fish oil to make patient’s body healthier and stronger. Omega 3 fatty acids can also be obtained through – Basil, Halibut, Tuna, Cod liver oil and Salmon oil.  

Zinc containing Foods: Zinc is one of the most essential mineral that aids in restoring health of swollen prostate. Intake of Zinc enriched foods have also shown benefits towards healthy cell growth and in building a vigorous immune system. Some of the zinc containing food items are eggs, shellfish, oysters, red meat, pork, dairy products, and poultry items.  

Foods containing Vitamin D and E: Vitamin D as well E is beneficial for ailing prostate gland. These vital vitamins can be found in spinach, sunflower oil, broccoli, peanut butter, dry almonds and wheat germ oil.  

The suggested foods are to be taken in combination with medicines and therapies as advised by doctor.  

Apart from these suggested foods, adhere to following dietary guidelines:

  • Lay stress on low-fat and high-protein diet 
  • Follow a high-protein diet that stalls the production of 5-alpha-reductase enzyme (known to cause enlarged prostate)
  • Consume sufficient fatty acids, water, soy, fibrous foods, green tea, legumes,
  • Avoid intake of coffee, alcohol, and beer, especially after dinner. 


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