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Enlarged Prostate Treatment and Relief  


The prostate gland is an important male organ that performs several important functions such as production of semen and secretion of the fluid. It also transports sperm from testicles towards the penis at the time of ejaculation. When the prostate gland gets enlarged due to several reasons, it starts affecting individual’s urinary system. Since prostate gland is situated close to urethera, its enlargement exerts pressure over it.  


The medical studies reflect that an enlarged prostate (also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH) is no way associated with occurrence of prostate cancer. Both the problems are subjective and do not lead towards one another. Though prostate enlargement is a common occurrence amongst ageing men, it demands attention as well as treatment lest overall health gets affected. 


Deciding Factors for Enlarged Prostate Treatment  

Mere observance and identification of enlarged prostate symptoms do not decide the kind of treatment to be taken. Patients resort to one of the several enlarged prostate treatments ranging from medications, therapies, surgeries, and herbs to alternative medicines. Doctors select the most suitable treatment for the patients after considering following factors:

  • Patient’s size of the prostate gland 
  • Age 
  • Overall health status 
  • Severity of symptoms 
  • Aversion to any particular drug, treatment or therapy 

Let us look into some of enlarged prostate treatments that have been helping BPH patients to come out of their maladies - 

Enlarged Prostate Treatment 

Doctors are of opinion that trivial and early symptomatic warnings of enlarged prostrate should be dealt with medications. If symptoms refuse to subside, or get aggravated, further treatment should be considered.  

Medical Treatment: The proven drugs that leave a soothing effect over the enlarged prostate include alpha blockers, propecia and finasteride Proscar. While alpha blockers are known to relax bladder muscles, finasteride works by shrinking the abnormally enlarged prostate. Alpha blockers are known to act rapidly and give faster results than finasteride.


Herbal and Alternative Treatments: Saw palmetto is one of many useful herbs that are known to alleviate problems developed due to enlarged prostate. This herb has been well researched and approved to be preventing the breakdown of testosterone into such hormonal form that amplifies prostate tissues. In fact, Saw palmetto’s potency is said to be equivalent to finasteride with lesser side effects. This herb is slower in rendering its effects but is known to be a consistent performer. Doctors advise that if performance of Saw palmetto reaches a plateau its intake should be ceased.  


Heat Therapies: There are several types of heat therapies available that are known to be effective in reducing the size of enlarged prostate. Electro vaporization, laser therapy, and microwave therapy are performed under general anesthesia and carried on out-patient basis. Their results are also rapid and effective.  


Surgical Treatments: Patients are recommended surgeries only when their symptoms stop responding to medications or when their enlarged prostate starts interfering with their other bodily functions. Under complicated condition of BPH, surgeries are recommended to patients lest other medical problems may assault them. Several surgical treatments available for patients of enlarged prostate are transurethral resection, transurethral incision, open prostatectomy, balloon dilation and prostate stents.


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