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Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is an inability for a man to have normal penile erection in order to penetrate a woman during sexual intercourse. This is a condition that causes suffering to both man and his Partner. If you suffer from this disorder and struggle to overcome it you need to be aware that you are not alone in the fight. All men have had such an experience at some point in their lives. It is a devastating experience, but it happens. It becomes a real problem when the dysfunction is permanent.   


Erectile Dysfunction Causes 

Today, the medical community recognizes that half of men suffering from sexual weakness have physical or structural problems that lead to the phenomenon, at least in part: clogged arteries, alcohol, taking certain drugs, diabetes, lack of sleep, smoking, prostate cancer treatment, and others. The erectile dysfunction can be the result of cardiovascular disease, or certain surgical procedures. Sometimes the cause is psychological, but contrary to popular belief, it is only in 20 % of cases. It is obviously difficult to give precise figures on the number of men affected by the problem. But every man in his life finds himself at least once faced with this type of embarrassing experience. Ideally, when this occurs, it is important to talk about it to a specialist because there are solutions.  


Medications – about 200 drugs have been implicated in the USA in the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. A study of 188 cases shows that 25% of cases of sexual weakness or even impotence have a drug issue as root of the problem. Antihistamines, diuretics and over the counter sedatives can also lead to erectile dysfunction. 


Drugs and Alcohol - Alcohol and drugs can cause excitement at the beginning, but at the end it inhibits reflexes and cause nerve and liver damage resulting in a state contrary to the excitement. Over time, alcohol can cause hormonal imbalance which can lead to not only erectile dysfunction but also other major problems including cancer.

Diet - The same foods that block your arteries - dietary cholesterol and saturated fats - also affect blood flow in the penis. In fact, most men over 40 years suffer from a narrowing of the arteries of the penis. If you suffer from Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction It is recommended to monitor your diet. Excess cholesterol is probably a major cause of impotence. Indeed, cholesterol seems to affect the erectile tissue.

Tobacco - Studies have shown that nicotine undoubtedly cause the construction of the blood vessels. In fact, it is found that inhalation of smoke, about two cigarettes daily, is enough to cause a failure of erection up to five out of 10 sexual intercourses, or permanent erectile dysfunction. Researchers believe that inhaling cigarette smoke blocks erection by inhibiting smooth muscle relaxation of the erectile tissue. 

Anxiety and Depression - When you are anxious or depressed, the sympathetic system is dominant, the body is alert, adrenal hormones prepare you to fight or flee: nerves draw the blood from the digestive system or the penis to the muscles. A little anxiety is enough to trigger the sympathetic system. For some men, the fear of failure is so great that it leads to uncontrolled secretion of norepinephrine, another adrenal hormone. Chronic clinical depression is also suspected in the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.  


Alternative Treatment 

-          Mix about one pint of honey, two tablespoon of black seed powder, 30 g of Maca powder: drink two tablespoons early in the morning before breakfast and before each meal. 


-          Drink a mixture of organic whole honey, one fresh organic eggs and fresh grape juice. To prepare the mixture, take a "power juicer” to extract juice (without water) from the grape, and then add 5 tablespoons of honey and the content of the egg in the juice. Use a blender or else to mix the substances. Drink the mixture before breakfast and before going to bed.    


Medical treatment
If you don’t want to go natural (although it is better) you can take drugs. Now the effectiveness of some drugs (mainly 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors) is no longer questioned and many men have seen their erection troubles disappear by taking these medications. But these erection inducers must all be taken half an hour to two hours before sex to be effective. Sexual stimulation is also required to provoke the erection. Time these medications take to work differ from one another. Viagra ® (sildenafil) or Levitra ® (vardenafil) act for 4-5 hours, but Cialis ® (tadalafil) offers up to 24 hours of efficiency. Be aware that these medications cause side effects.