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Foods to Avoid for Prostate Health  


A prostate’s health can be maintained by building body’s defenses against various health threats. For this, our comprehensive wellness has to be strengthened and all risks have to be kept at bay. The best way to sustain the wellness and vitality of prostate is to reduce the liabilities of our lifestyle and optimize our dietary habits. In this write up, we will lay focus on dietary blunders that affect prostate’s health.  


Harmful Foods for Prostate Health 


There are a variety of foods that carry in them harmful constituents. These are known to be bane for healthy prostate and can cause development of malignancy in prostatic gland. Read ahead the list of some harmful foods that must be avoided for better prostate health: 


Fast food – Fast foods are usually high-fat and low-fiber foods that have been fried. Some of them are full with unhealthy sugars. Fast foods like chips, French fries, burger, pizza and others are devoid of any phytonutrients, thus having no protection against ailments. 


Red Meat – The risk of developing prostate cancer gets increased in case of excessive intake of processed and red meats. And if read meat is overdone and grilled it allows carcinogens to get into the body, making it prone to capture prostate cancer.  


Calcium – Consumption of calcium through dairy products or via supplements augments the risk of prostate malignancy.  


Alcohol – Without doubt, alcohol is a fertile ground for all of lots of cancers including prostate cancer.  


Potato Chips – These are known to be having large amount of acrylamide that cause damage to body’s neurological system and augments the risk of prostate cancer. Fried potatoes or potato chips also have in them huge amount of saturated fat and an amino acid named ‘asparagine’, that gets transformed into above mentioned ‘acrylamide’. 


Doughnuts - Doughnuts are the super storehouse of sugar, fat and acrylamide. These constituents are the fertile ground for development of prostate ailments.  


Canned Tomatoes – Never buy canned tomatoes for the resin lining of tin cans (containing bisphenol-A) gets percolated into the tomatoes due to their acidic nature. On consumption, they aggravate the risk of prostate cancer


Microwave Popcorn - When popcorns are cooked in microwave friendly bags, they become chemically dangerous. The lining of these bags contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), known to cause sterility in humans. Laboratory tests also indicate towards its propensity to cause cancer. 


Inorganic Potatoes – Inorganic potatoes can be termed as ‘edible poison’ for they absorb various pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides from soil. The whole range of exposed chemicals can be washed or scrapped off from inorganic potatoes as they get sapped deep into their flesh. Understandably, these chemically laden potatoes can prove dear to health.  


Some more foods that must to be avoided for maintaining better health of prostate include:    


  • Pesticides laden fruits and vegetables 
  • Trans fats 
  • Excessive caffeine 
  • Saturated Fats 
  • Omega 6 Fatty Acids 
  • Refined and processed foods 
  • Atkins Diet 
  • Fried Foods
  • Charred meats 
  • Inorganic meat and dairy products 
  • Artificial sweeteners and flavors 
  • Protein supplements 
  • Protein powders and bars 
  • Soy sauce 
  • Foods packed in plastic bags and cans 
  • Mega dosing of multivitamins