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Lupron (Lupron Depot)  


Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects men. Malignant cells are formed in the prostate gland and cause its enlargement. Though the symptoms of prostate cancer are many, most common includes pain in the pelvic area, frequent urination, pain during urination and even back pain. There are many treatments available for prostate cancer like surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and so on. Along with such treatments the doctors also prescribe drugs to prevent the growth of the cancer cells and also control the tumor from spreading to other parts. One such drug that is commonly used for prostate cancer treatment if Lupron (Lupron Depot). 


Indications: Prostate cancer creates lot of uneasiness in the life of the patient which makes surgery and/or other treatment options become a must. The cancer cells in the prostate gland stimulate the male hormone testosterone and that multiplies at an uncontrollably rate. Lupron plays a major role in reducing the spread of the cancer cells and also control the growth of the testosterone. Beside in the treatment of prostate cancer, Lupron injection is also used for reducing the early puberty problems in children. It reduces the sex hormones in children to control their puberty and the height pattern. 


Dosage: The Lupron injection is prescribed for one dose every day. The frequency of the dosage depends upon how the patient would react to the drug. While prescribing to children, the dosage mainly depends on the height and weight of the child. Usually it’s advisable to stop the intake of Lupron much before the age of 11 years for girls and before 12 years in boys. 


Contraindication: The Lupron also contains Benzyl alcohol which could create some allergic reaction in some patients. Also, there have been indications where many patients, suffering from osteoporosis, experienced an increase in the bone loss. The doctor must be informed in advance if the patient is already undergoing treatment for any other diseases. In case the patient is diabetic or suffering from any heart disorders, doctor must be consulted before taking this drug. 


Mechanism of Action (MOA): Lupron acts like a restrainer of gonadotropin secretion and is successful in suppressing testicular and ovarian steroidogenesis (production of steroids). However, this effect reoccurs on discontinuation of this drug. This drug is really beneficial in curtailing the growth of those tumors that rely on hormones.  


Interaction: Lupron, although does not have any notable interaction with other drugs, can interact with certain medications. It’s recommended to inform doctor of all the drugs and medications that you are already taking. Certain medicines like Phenytoin, Prednisone and corticosteroids, and few anti-seizure drugs may interact with Lupron. 


Side Effects: If a patient experiences any of the following side effects, doctor should be consulted at earliest:  


  • Hot flashes, pain in joints and back, pain in the injection and fatigue 
  • Erectile Dysfunction and impotence 
  • Pain at the time of urinating, nocturia or other urinary symptoms 
  • Rashes, hives or any other visible skin reaction 
  • Itching or irritation in genital area especial in penile area.