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Prostatitis Treatment   

If you have symptoms related to prostatitis, even before knowing the results of the exams, your doctor may recommend that you take appropriate amount of rest accompanied by antibiotherapy. Antibiotics should be taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor to avoid drug resistance or recurrence of the infection. 

Medication - treatmentof acute bacterial prostatitis is often simple and usually last four weeks or less. Chronic prostatitis treatment, however, is often difficult and durable . In addition, in severe form of prostatitis, you may be required to be hospitalized to take the medications by injection. In case of painful urination (dysuria) or prostatitis related pain, along with antibiotics, your urologists can recommend you to take: anti inflammatory drugs, analgetics, alpha blockers (or adrenergic alpha-antagonists) drugs. Some of common antibiotics used to treat bacterial prostatitis include: 

·         Bactrim  

·         Ciprofloxacin 

·         Tetracycline  

·         Carbenicillin 

·         Erythromycin 

·         Nitrofurantoin  


Surgery - transurethral resection of the prostate is rarely used in prostatitis treatment. It consists of visualizing the prostate gland through the urethra and removing abnormal tissue by dissection. This method, however, is not recommended for young people and can lead to infertility and other serious medical conditions.  


Prostate massage - massage of the prostate gland is a painless procedure done with delicacy. The massage is practiced by some doctors as a treatment against chronic prostatitis and in certain other medical conditions that can cause the prostate gland to swell or inflame. It is aimed at evacuating the excess prostatic fluid and/or alleviating painful congestion of the prostate. Its effectiveness, however, is controversial. 

To increase your chasnce of recovery, it is extremely important to play an active role during the treatment in living a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended, to prevent recurrence or complication, avoid spicy foods, tobacco and alcohol. Sex is not prohibited, however, it would be better not to take sexual enhancement pills or any synthetic sex booster. If you have impotence or erectile dysfunction, use natural alternative such as horny goat. 


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