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Rye Pollen for BPH and Prostate Cancer  

For several years the treatment of Prostate cancer has been through antibiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgical therapy, and radiation therapy. However, the inefficiency of the antibiotics like trimethoprim-sulfa and fluoroquinolones (to penetrate into the prostate gland) makes treatment of the prostate cancer a little difficult. It also delays the treatment and becomes reason for the invention of various other newer technologies. More often due to the fact that the antibiotics take time to be absorbed by the prostate tissue; higher doses are injected for a longer duration, consequently resulting in more serious side effects. 

While some men may not respond to antibiotics, some find some relief, but the drugs usually take time to show curative effects. Regardless of showing results or not, those medication are always associated with adverse effect which makes certain prostate cancer patients recourse to herbal remedies.  Recent researches for finding out new herbal medicines for treating of prostate cancer have led to Rye pollen, a grass plant and medicinal herb. Rye Pollen is extracted out of from the pollen of rye grass. It has been shown to improve BHP and prostate cancer symptoms. In several European countries doctors prescribe Rye pollen as a natural medicine for the treatment of BPH and Prostate cancer. 

How Does Rye Pollen Work? 

As Rye Pollen is proven to contain anti-inflammatory properties, its prescribed dose reduces the swelling and enlargement of the prostate gland. When taken regularly, Rye Pollen helps contract the bladder and relieve the pressure on the urethra. This leads to slowness of the growth of the cancer cells in the prostate tissue. Rye Pollen also keeps healthy cells free from the severe side effects of other therapies like radiation and chemotherapy. Though the effects of this pollen extract are still under study, the initial reports suggest it has negligible side effects. Usually, Rye Pollen is taken in the form of 126 mg of the extract three times a day orally.  Although the Rye Pollen cannot completely cure the prostate cancer, it has shown promising results when combined with other treatments or therapies.  

Some Benefits of Rye Pollen 

  • Rye pollen consists of not only good fats and carbohydrates but also proteins, vitamins, and minerals.  
  • Currently, medical experts are considering rye pollen as an effective remedy for treating prostate related problems. 
  • It is a nourishing herb that contains in it all those nutrients that are considered to be fundamental for human health.  
  • It is known to lower high cholesterol level to significant extent. The controlled level of cholesterol keeps not just prostate but other vital organs also in good health. 

Rye Pollen Side Effects 

Rye Pollen is a safe herbal supplement; it does not cause any side effects. However, in case of highly sensitive patients it is likely to cause mild effects like heartburn, stomach disorders and nausea. These minor side effects subside over a period of time. However, Rye Pollen is strictly prohibited for pregnant and nursing mothers.  

Despite few trivial side effects, individuals suffering from prostate cancer can consult their doctors for regular intake of Rye Pollen and ease their inconvenience caused by prostate cancer.