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Zinc and Prostate cancer  


The significance of the mineral zinc and its function in maintaining the prostate health is a known fact.  The prostate is a walnut sized gland which is found in the lower part of the intestine in men. The prostate of a normal human being gathers the maximum level of zinc as against any other soft tissue in the body. Zinc is very important for the activity of the male hormones and also for the prostate functions. This is why zinc is popularly known as the male mineral. 




If the zinc levels are less, especially in the prostate, it will lead to Prostatitis. In this medical condition the zinc level will reduce to one tenth of the normal zinc level. Aging is one of the main reasons for the fall in the zinc level which is why older people are prone to the prostate cancer. The enlargement of the prostate gland is widespread in older men and this is mainly because of low zinc levels. This also results in variations in hormone balance. Hence, a study was conducted and people who were suffering from Prostatitis were given zinc supplements. Out of nineteen men who were involved in the study fourteen men showed favorable results, confirming link between the prostate health and the zinc. Ample zinc levels are indispensable for maintaining the prostate cells in a healthy condition.  


Prostate Cancer 


When there is a fall in the zinc levels in the prostrate there follows an abnormal growth. Clearly, one of the main reasons for developing prostrate cancer is the low levels of zinc in the prostate gland. Zinc supplements prevent prostate cancer to a great extent. But then the zinc supplements are useful only in early stages of cancer. Zinc mineral does not cure the prostate cancer completely, but prevent its proliferation to a considerable level. 


Role of Zinc in Keeping Prostate Healthy 


Zinc plays an important role in keeping prostate healthy. Studies have shown lower levels of zinc leads to chromosomes breaks, oxidative DNA damage and susceptibility to cancer development.   


A normal prostate accumulates maximum level of zinc than any other soft tissue in the body. Several case studies have revealed weak zinc status to be significant reason of prostate malignancy and increased dietary zinc leading to reduction of prostate cancer. This mineral being an antioxidant an important component of several DNA repair proteins, it protects DNA from damage. Zinc is also an anti-inflammatory agent that promotes apoptosis and target harmful carcinogenesis spillage. 


Diet to maintain the zinc level 


Men can consume foods that are rich in zinc like wheat barn, sunflower seeds, onions, pumpkin seeds, peas, nuts, molasses, lentils, beans and gelatins. One has to keep in mind that in the case of processed or refined food, the zinc content is very low. It is better to consume natural products or dedicated zinc tablets. Zinc tables of 15 mg can be consumed everyday to prevent the plummeting of zinc levels. However, the dosage of zinc and its supplements should be decided only after consulting a medical practitioner.